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External proofing

Pest proofing
External bird and small animal/insect proofing
Harrison Building Services use simple to install, tried and tested methods of bird, rodent and insect protection of properties. Our proofing services will ensure as far as practicably possible your property will be protected from various insects, birds as well as insects flying under your floor.
We are not pest controllers, but we can proof your property after the pests have been treated or as a preventative measure before you encounter any problems.
As they say prevention is better than a cure.
We rebuild and or repair manholes as a preventative measure or to ensure rodents do not enter. This area is the most likely cause of rats in your loft.
The pictures below show where wasps flew into the building and started a nest, after treatment we fitted suitable proofing vents to prevent any further entry.
The picture where the bush is in front of the vent, had a mouse entry point behind the bush. Again, we used a similar vent cover but with a different preventative measure incorporated internally.
We also bird proof gutters to tiles either before or after the birds have nested.
A speciality of ours is to proof against squirrel entry at gutter levels or higher. Squirrels are very good at pulling back lead work from around chimneys, gnawing through fascia boards or gaining entry through small holes in the cement filler on the side of tiles etc.
Bear in mind a mouse will climb through a hole as thick as a pencil and a rat will gain entry through a hole the size of a man’s thumb. That is why proofing is essential.
Please note we do not carry out window or door insect mesh fitting, we are more for the building side of the proofing.

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