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External weather proofing for walls

General exterior
About our property waterproofing
Harrison Building Services carry out a lot of exterior waterproofing on the older type of building. Our choice product is expected last 20 years, before renewing.
We use a cream which is a water repellent which is specifically designed for the protection of external masonry from penetrating damp and freeze thaw damage.
Overall description of what to expect etc is as stated below.
The cream is a viscous emulsion of silane and siloxanes that penetrate and impregnate porous masonry to produce a water repellent surface. Which can be applied to porous masonry such as brick, mortar, render, limestone and sandstone. After penetration and curing the surface has a much lower water uptake, therefore penetrating damp and freeze/thaw damage are prevented. Reducing the porosity of masonry also results in reduced heat transfer, improving the thermal properties of a dwelling.  Whilst not preventing a wall from “breathing”, (microporous) unlike a lot of other treatments which just apply a waterproof skin to the treated areas.  
After application the surface will appear white, but this will fade over a couple of hours. The surface will then appear slightly darker for a period whilst the product fully dries.
Once fully dry the surface reverts to its original appearance and drying the surface is left unchanged in appearance and it is still possible to apply decorative coatings such as masonry paint. Mould and algae growth on surfaces protected with a vastly reduced salting and dirt pickup.  
We will give you at least two choices of product that we can use but however the prices will not be very different to each other, due to the time each product will take to apply and equally may not be waterproof for as long as our favoured treament.

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