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Black mould treatment
Whilst carrying out building work, we often find a lot of black mould behind old kitchen and bathroom units. We can eradicate these problems at the same time as carrying out the normal building work as required.
If you wish we can treat the areas behind the units as a precautionary measure before refitting the new units.
Often the mould is not noticed until we remove units and as you would appreciate, we cannot quote the treatment in the original price. Therefore, any mould treatment carried out will incur a small increase in the final price.
The surface mould wash we use at Harrison Building Services comprises of a concentrated blend of a Quaternary Ammonium Salt, a degreasing agent and other additives in water. It will kill off active growths of moulds, lichen and algae, and is highly active against harmful bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella and Streptococcus.
We also use it on the outside of the property to remove lichen, mould and algae from brickwork, masonry, stone, asbestos roofs, tiles and other building materials. Also, as a sterilising solution prior to application of protective coatings and can also be integral to dealing with the aftermath of flood damage. Floodwater often contains sewage and associated bacteria that must be treated prior to re-plastering work.
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