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Picture Story Rising Damp

The following pictures show a bad rising damp issue in a property that has been clad with stone look alike cladding. Unfortunately, the cladding was stuck to a badly pointed wall and as such penetrating damp did not help the rising damp issue.
The ground floor had been injected in the past to help control the rising damp issue, however it was carried very poorly and to make matters worse a new sand and cement floor screed was laid to a point higher than the damp course. This obviously caused a breach which was quickly soaked up by the wrong plaster for damp repairs being initially used, and to make matters worse the plaster was touching the floor. The description of the walls acting as blotting paper springs to mind.
The work was carried out by cutting a channel around the floor screed to create a gap from the wall. The wall was injected into the joints where the rising damp runs, (not in the hard bricks). More injection than the required quantity was used to add extra-long-term protection.
The walls were allowed to dry and then replastered using the correct plaster used for rising damp issues.
To add to the overall long term protection the outside was coated with a waterproofing agent. Although in this instance it will not completely stop the penetrating damp, it was a quick fix which was as per the customers wish. Although not a permanent solution the water ingress will be greatly reduced due to the efficacy of the waterproofing which will stop easy access to any rain etc, and the water will run off rather than penetrate.
There was a lot more involved in this work than the pictures show, and as such it is just a quicik cross section of the whole job.
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