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Picture Story

Old style (Traditional) pebbledash finish
Harrison Building Services are well equipped and skilled to carry out traditional and modern work methods. In some situations, the old methods are better than modern, and to have a skilled person in all aspects of the work, is rare these days. Every type of work skill old and new, has its place in any industry and none more so than the building trade.
Harrison Building Services are very much tuned into and sympathetic to the aesthetics of a property and can normally carry out the work to match onto existing old-style building work. Often after Harrison Building Services have carried out the work the only visible difference is the new cement before it weathers.
Harrison Building Services are known to communicate with you the potential customer and inform you of what can and cannot be carried out in a correct manner to keep your property in ship shape condition.
This picture story is showing one such job that Harrison Building Services have been asked to carry out. Initially the render was put in place 11 months prior to the current work being carried out. The render was applied incorrectly and as such it had to be removed, (obviously a messy and expensive job) however at the same time the customer is replacing the windows to the front of the property, and when the work is finished the windows will match and look as if they belong to the property and are not just added to a wall.
At the same time, the customer is of the old school as is having an age old traditional style pebbledash finish with no corner beadings applied but to have rounded corners using render. The pictures show stage by stage work carried out before during and after the work was completed.
Having removed the old windows and replacing with new of the same size, the front of the property looks balanced, with a new style of flush fitting sash windows.
The last picture shows the skill of the builder, with no metalwork to make a corner, but doing it all freehand as it should be.
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