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  You dream it, we can build it, and help your dreams come true
If you wish to invite us to help you build your dream, and would like a quotation, contact us via our contact us tab above, where you can find the details to call or email us.
Harrison Building Services are based at Ripley, Derbyshire, as such we are positioned centrally to cover a large working area, with easy access to main arterial roads.
We are professional builders who can cater for all types of building and remedial work, regardless of size.
As a professional business we try extremely hard not to give estimations of the work to be carried out, a guessed price will be very misleading.
We much prefer to carry out a full quotation to ensure that the price is correct at the time the quotation was carried out. Our pricing structure is such that every item we charge for has a price in our data base, which makes our quotations very fair to all. As such we can only alter the quotation given if you, our valued customer change the goalposts of the work to be carried out. Our prices are fair, and our workmanship is of a high quality, if you want to pay a ridiculously cheap price please do not hesitate to contact a local jobbing builder, however, be aware that if you pay cheap you almost certainly will pay twice.
For more information about Damp and mould you may find the information on our new website dedicated to the subject. The website is new at the moment and the information is limited, but as an ongoing project the material inside will be greatly increased view here harrisondamptreatments.co.uk
All of the pictures shown on this website are of work carried out by Harrison Building Services.
Whilst it is impossible to show everything that Harrison Building Services have carried out for our customers, we have added a few pictures in each of the main areas of the building trade.
Plumbing and electrical work is carried out by qualified contractors either supplied by us at Harrison Building Services or by you our valued customers.
After all a picture is better than a thousand words.
Whilst replacing bedroom, kitchen or bathroom units or working in damp areas we often come across black mould. We can eradicate the problem as a part of the replacement package or as a precautionary measure before refitting the new units. View our mould page to see more Click Here for a direct link to our mould section on this website, or view here to link to our mould and damp website which is still under construction. harrisondamptreatments.co.uk.
Having known and used Harrison Building Services over the past eight years, I never hesitate to call them back in to carry out more work for us. I am glad and consider myself very privileged to know that we have them as a good service provider for any type of construction or building work. We have just called them back onto our property to carry out some more work and to book Harrison Building Services to carry out some more work for next year.
He is the ONLY building company that I know that will go the extra mile to ensure that any work he carries out is correct and carried out to his high standard.
I NEVER have to worry about the standard of work, his commitment to his work, or his very fair prices. He does not charge over the top and is very fair. But I will say to anyone if you want a cheap builder (or any trade come to that) you will get shoddy sub-standard work and you will almost certainly pay twice. Once for the shoddy work and again to have it corrected. You will never have that problem with Harrison Building Services.
All the best for the future
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